Personalized Yoga Sessions

What is Yoga?

Answering the question, “What is yoga?” is challenging and is the subject of extensive (and on-going) academic and philosophical study. The reason is because when the word Yoga is used, it’s usually synonymous with an exercise class. I used to think that too. Then I studied Classical Yoga at YogaLife in King of Prussia ( and learned that Yoga is So. Much. More. Than. That!!
A Very Brief History of Yoga
Yoga dates back to 5,000 years ago! It is a complete system for well-being on all levels. This includes: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Utilizing various aspects of Yoga helps millions of people increase their entire health and outlook on life. This is something everyone can do to help themselves feel better, and there’s no pill you have to take! Increasing fitness, well-being, mental clarity, and vitality are only a few benefits. Not to mention the peace of mind and spiritual growth that are free extras!
Yoga means “union.” The combining of individual consciousness with the Universal Consciousness, or spirit. Yoga is a system, not of beliefs, but of techniques and guidance for enriched living. Among Yoga’s many source texts, the two best known are the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita. Both explain the nature of—and obstacles to—higher awareness and fulfillment. They also contain a variety of methods for attaining those goals.


What is the Benefit of Personalized Yoga Classes?
 Integrating yoga into your regular workout program is beneficial on many levels. It can help prevent injury, relax muscles, and keep you flexible. The benefits of reduced stress and increased oxygen levels are terrific. They can give you an overall sense of well-being that can become deliciously addictive… but in a good way 😉
I’ve learned some people are hesitant to join a group yoga class because they feel intimidated to join a large group. Many group yoga classes offered with a gym membership tend to be challenging and more fitness-oriented. This can make a beginner shy away from ever trying yoga at all. Taking a few private yoga sessions will even help you gain the courage to participate in a group yoga class.

If We Don’t Move Fast, is it Still Beneficial?

 Yes! Yoga postures can challenge you physically by putting additional stress on your bones. This causes your body to deposit more calcium to your bones, which strengthens them. (Thank you, Yoga. We love you too.)
If you’re new to yoga, your body is not generally accustomed to moving this way, and can make you prone to injury. In a crowded yoga class, there’s a chance the teacher won’t see you to help you adjust to proper alignment. If it’s difficult to see the teacher, one might follow what their neighbor is doing (and they could be doing it wrong). This could leave you open to injury.
 A private instructor will take the time to show you how to get into and out of every pose properly. A good yoga instructor will offer yoga props to assist you, if necessary.
 The great aspect of a private yoga session is that your instructor can tailor your class to you and your needs. If you need greater hip flexibility, you can have an entire class just focusing on the hips. Or if you are super stressed out, you can work on your breathing for 20 minutes. One time I had a private client who just wanted to meditate with me for one hour and that was perfectly fine. In fact, it fueled my desire to want to offer that aspect of yoga additionally.

What Will I Get Out of It?

You’re paying to get out of the class exactly what you need for that particular day. It’s very different from personal training in that you aren’t paying the private yoga teacher to push you to your limits. You are paying to help access your inner strength and balance through yoga poses but also through breathing, stress-relief and connection to your higher self, which will in turn help you to balance the other aspects of your life.
Semi-Private (up to 5 persons)                    $75 / 1 hour               $100 / 1.5 hours

Private                                                                $75 / 1 hour               $100 / 1.5 hours