Meditation and Journeying

What is Meditation?

In a world that is constantly on the go, the benefits of slowing down are unrivaled. Meditation merges pieces of holistic health with scientifically proven benefits. Meditation should be at the top of the To-Do list for everyone!

When pursuing a balanced life, building a strong personal connection to the spirit is essential to your journey. Most of us imagine shamans as being somewhat frightening. However, shamans are people who use altered states of consciousness to access the spirit world. In many respects, it’s a lot like what happens during very deep meditation!

Why Meditate?

Many cultures throughout history have looked to Shamans as healers and spiritual guides. Your own meditative journey is journey all its own. Meditative journeying is an evolution of communication with your spiritual guides (your higher self as well as others). Meditation will lead you on a personal journey of healing and understanding.
Shamanic meditation is simple, even for beginners. It is similar to eastern meditation practices as they push towards discovery and connect with the higher spirit in order heal the mind and body. This help you to gain a better understanding of the self and the world. The difference between shamanic meditation and eastern meditation philosophies is that shamanic meditation seeks to connect with spiritual guides in order to live more fully and openly in physical reality rather than transcend physical reality, as is the general focus with eastern meditation practices. Shamanic meditation does not concentrate on leaving behind the stresses of daily life. Instead, it focuses on using a spiritual connection to heal these worldly concerns.
What I do is a hybrid of the two methods: shamanic meditation and eastern meditation.  I will lead you into your own meditative journey and then peacefully of of it again.  Providing you with space and guidance through your journey will be sure to help you find your way.

1 Hour Session $75