Are you living in the past, present, or future?

So often I discuss goal setting, making positive changes for our futures, and learning from our past experiences. By focusing on where we want our life to go and where it has been, were able to better decide on what it is we choose to do in the present. This theory has been an approach that I have found to be quite beneficial in my own life. There will always be a goal and a lesson learned.

In reflection of this idea a question arises. Which tense do you live in most?

Are you living in the past tense? The present tense? Or in future tense?

In general, we are used to reflecting on our past to better decide on our future. This practice, while beneficial, may get us stuck in one time or the other. Just as likely if we are constantly thinking about our day to day operations, it’s very possible we will sacrifice our futures’ potential and/or neglect lessons to be learned from the past.

So, I ask; if you were to step back and watch a movie of your life, would it be based on a memory from the past? Would your movie be a live documentary of your present-day life? Or would this film be an idealistic version of your future?

With my belief in the holistic philosophy, I am going to suggest we create a balance among the three-time periods. How do we do this? The simple answer is to become more closely aware of your unintentional thoughts. A seemingly confusing task I know, however with practice this awareness will become more relevant.

The next time you find yourself day dreaming, bring attention to the thoughts playing through your head. What are you thinking about? Are you reflecting or planning?

Perhaps you have no time to day dream because your daily life is filled with constant activity. When was the last time you took a break? Is your daily activity in alignment with the life you wish to live? When was the last time you reflected on past lessons, or planned for you future?

Recently I have had this battle within my own self. I am amongst the folks who seem to only be able to think about the present days activities. The phrase of being “spread too thin” comes to mind. In this constant state of hustle, it is easy to lose track of one’s purpose. So how have I been working to overcome this? I have begun the practice of balance amongst my three lives.

I have made the conscious effort and commitment to align my present life with my purpose, which is derived from my past experiences. Thus, creating opportunity and real possibility for my future endeavors.

First must come awareness of your own thoughts and mindset. Where is your minds thought and energy being placed?  From this recognize which areas you have been neglecting. Is it time for you to accelerate from your past experiences and create future goals? Do you need to create time in your day for personal reflection and to “slow down”? Or is it time to take all your ideas and begin on an action plan to turn them into a reality?

Regardless of where you personally stand in your answers to these questions, the common theme amongst us all must involve an outcome in which balance is created. Learn from and love the story you have written so far, make your current chapter the best yet, and release the limitations on what can happen next.

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