What’s Your Legacy

In the end, I simply just want to be remembered as a “good dude”. I don’t need incredible accolades or fancy parades. I simply want to help and live in peace. I believe I was created to do this.

I was born to push myself and the experiences of my life to then relay the message to others in hopes of helping them further. In one of my earliest memories, I recall thinking that I am not afraid of any of the things life has to offer. I withdraw from this fear because I know in the end I will be able to pass on something positive from each of my experiences. I want a life of eclectic moments. I want many and all types of emotions and energy. This attitude, while doing as much harm as good, gives me the opportunity to be of the most service to the greatest variance of people. How do I create my legacy? The two ingredients I have are; my simple want to be remembered as a “good dude” combined with my relentless passion for any and all experiences life has to offer.

I have found that I learn by doing. If you have read previous articles of mine, you will recall that this trial and error attitude has left me in some very down places in my life. For example, drug use, or self-mutilation. Conversely, I have had some of the most amazing opportunities, examples being, speaking at self-growth seminars or my work as a CrossFit trainer. For me to be able to relate and understand how I can best help others, it is important for me to gain as much variety in my life experience as possible. This is how I will create my legacy. How will you create yours?

What experiences in your life can you use to create your legacy? Where have you been? What have you seen or done? Your own life is the best book you can read. I challenge you to give an honest evaluation of yourself and the life you live. Learn from mistakes and celebrate moments of happiness. In doing so ask yourself what is my legacy right now? What do I want it to be?

As living creatures, we have instincts. We also will gain learned behaviors. Recall a time you learned from someone. This may have been your only interaction however the impression this person left on you is part of their legacy. Nearly all the things we know in life were taught to us. We were not born already aware of the all the social norms we are aware of today. We were not born prejudice or as bullies. We were simply a clean slate, a sponge that was taught these behaviors or any others by someone ahead of us.

I touch on this idea as it relates to your legacy for this reason; the main way that we learn as a society is by being taught by others, and your legacy is what you leave behind when you pass on. This gives us the potential to not only create a legacy for ourselves to be proud of, but one that contributes to the positive growth and existence of generations to come. The world we live in today is being created by us all. What role will you play in this? What legacy will you leave behind?


-Casey Haines

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